Winterberry Press is the official distributor of materials produced by the Center for Practical Evaluation. Practical Evaluation Reports will be available below, or you may visit the Assessment Methods and Assessment Scales section of the Winterberry Press web site to find additional relevant material.

Practical Evaluation Reports

  • Algoma Client-Centered Care Tool: An Evaluation Scale for Assessing Staff Use of Client-Centered Practices
  • Systematic Review of Studies Promoting the Use of Assistive Technology Devices by Young Children with Disabilities
  • Research Synthesis of Studies Investigating the Relationships Between Practitioner Beliefs and Adoption of Early Childhood Intervention Practices
  • Influences of Contrasting Types of Training on Practitioners’ and Parents’ Use of Assistive Technology and Adaptations with Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers with Disabilities
  • Characteristics and Consequences of Adult Learning Methods and Strategies
  • Mapping the Adoption, Application, and Adherence to Family Support Principles
  • Family Resource Programs, Promotion Models, and Enhancement Outcomes