The Windows of Opportunity project involved the initial development of an innovative, interest-based curriculum for Early Head Start (EHS) home-visiting program staff, children, and families. Subsequently, through an “expansion grant” project, the curriculum was amplified to encompass a culturally responsive Spanish-language version. The expansion phase also included modification and refinement of training modules and materials for EHS program managers and home-visiting staff, and evaluation of various components of the curriculum through extensive field testing. The project was carried out in partnership with Early Head Start home-based programs nationally and was made possible through funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (grant numbers 90YF0054 and 90YD0253). The resulting curriculum helps EHS staff to build the competence and confidence of EHS parents to support their young children’s learning, with positive outcomes in children’s behavioral and developmental growth.

Strengthening Early Child Development Through Everyday Activities

The multimedia and printed Windows of Opportunity parent materials are free download here, are designed to be shared with families participating in a home-based early intervention programs.
The curriculum and materials are based on research evidence that shows parents have the capacity to play a valuable role in their children's learning through interest-based participation in everyday home and community activities together.

With Windows of Opportunity/Ventanas Abiertas a las Oportunidades, parents learn to identify their children’s interests and follow their lead in day-to-day activities in ways that make them powerful learning opportunities. By encouraging infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to explore their special interests, parents help them practice things they can already do and try to do new things. These are extremely beneficial ways to learn!

As the project model to the right illustrates, the potent combination of child interests, everyday activities, and responsive parenting results in significant child and parent benefits.

We invite you to download and use the PDF parent materials below:

windows-to-wide-open-learning You can use our parent workbook, Window to Wide-Open Learning to identify your child's interest and use them to make a plan for offering day-to-day home and community activities your child is sure to will enjoy.

English Download

Spanish Download
on-my-way-baby-journal On My Way: Journal of a Child's First Three Years is a keepsake "baby book" that offers a charming way for moms and dads to record, reflect on, and promote their young child's developing interests and learning milestones.

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Spanish Download
woo-lap-games We use our illustrated lap games and finger plays booklet to inspire fun and exciting play with your baby. This sort of parent-child play is wonderful for developing early social and language skills.

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Spanish Download
growth-chart Ready! Set! Grow! This chart provides a fun way to record advances in your child's physical growth while prompting further focus on his or her very special interests and their role in learning.

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Interest pages - are filled with examples of ways your child can explore his or her interests in a variety of activities that you can do together.

interest pages Windows of Opportunity Interest pages present ideas for how parents can provide their children opportunities to experience particular interests in a variety of effective and appealing ways.

(English Download)
windows of opportunity spanish
(Spanish Download)
Animals Lap Games-Finger Plays Animales Juegos de Regazo y Dedos
Balls Music Pelotas Música
Books Outdoors Libros Aire Libre
Cars People Autos Interactuar con las Personas
Climbing Pretend Play Trepar Imaginación
Dancing Put In & Out Bailar Poner y Sacar
Dolls Sand Las Muñecas Arena
Drawing-Writing Sounds Dibujar y “Escribir” Sonidos
Faces Swinging Caras Hamacarse
Food & Eating Throwing & Dropping Comida y Comer Arrojar y Dejar Caer
Hands & Feet Water Panos y Pies Agua
Jumping     Saltar  

parents can Parents Can! pages are idea-packed resources! Each page focuses on easy steps and creative ideas parents can use right away.

(English Download)
windows of opportunity spanish
(Spanish Download)
Close to You! Cerca de ti
Curtain Going Home! ¡Se levanta el telón!...en casa
Heart to Heart De corazón a corazón
Hooray for Me! Viva yo!
It's A Breeze (infants) ¡Es muy sensillo ayudar a tu hijo a aprender!
It's A Breeze (toddlers) ¡Es muy sensillo ayudar a tu hijo a aprender!
It's A Breeze (preschoolers) ¡Es muy sensillo ayudar a tu hijo a aprender!
Keys to New Learning Las claves para aprender cosas nuevas
Powerful FUN with Responsive Playthings Es divertido aprender con los juguetes interactivos
Powerful Social FUN for Little Ones Para los pequeños es DIVERTIDO interactuar socialmente
SPArkle When You Interact with Young Children! ¡Brilla cuando interactues con tus hijos pequeños!
Sunny Days Ahead! ¡El buen tiempo está cerca!
Weaving Wonderful Tales ¡Vamos a tejer cuentos maravillosos!


evidence is in Evidence is In! handouts describe and illustrate the characteristics of early childhood best practices and gives guidance on how to use the practices.

(English Download)
windows of opportunity spanish
(Spanish Download)
Heart to Heart De corazón a corazón
I Did It! ¡Lo hice yo!
Keys to Unlocking Social Skills Las claves para mejorar el desenvolvimiento social
Play's the Thing! La súper hora de juegos para los bebés
Responsive Home Environments Promote Social Ease El ambiente familiar interactivo
Sensitive Parenting Build Parent-Child Closeness La crianza sensible
Sunny Days Ahead! ¡El buen tiempo está cerca!
Playtime Plus for Babies ¡El juego es lo más importante!
Tune In & Respond! ¡Sintonízate y responde!
Weaving Wonderful Tales ¡Vamos a tejer cuentos maravillosos!




Interests Lead To Learning

Interests Lead to Learning - Children learn best when they are doing something they’re interested in so knowing what a child likes to do and enjoys doing will help you facilitate a child’s learning. We'll explore personal and situational interests.

ENGLISH VERSION (Length - 11:00)

SPANISH VERSION (Length - 13:40)

  Weaving Wonderful Tales

Weaving Wonderful Tales- Shared reading is an interactive style of adult-child reading. In shared reading, the child is taught to gradually become the storyteller.

ENGLISH VERSION (Length - 9:00)

SPANISH VERSION (Length - 11:20)

Tune In

Tune In - Describes the three characteristics of a “tuned-in” adult-child interaction style. Discover how to boost a child’s development by consistently tuning in with these techniques.

ENGLISH VERSION (Length - 6:42)

SPANISH VERSION (Length - 8:05)

  Setting The Scene For Social Ease

Setting the Scene for Social Ease - Discover how the people and things that take center stage in a young child's home influence early social and emotional development.

ENGLISH VERSION (Length - 7:34)

SPANISH VERSION (Length - 10:49)

Close To You

Close To You - Interacting in ways that build strong parent-child relationships. Discover the ways parents can strengthen the parent/child relationship in their everyday interactions with their children.

ENGLISH VERSION (Length - 8:39)

SPANISH VERSION (Length - 11:00)

  I Made It Fun Because I Made It Happen

I Made It Fun Because I Made It Happen- Describes the social emotional benefits of early child learning opportunities. Early child learning is understanding the connection between what a child does (his behavior) and what happens (an interesting effect).

ENGLISH VERSION (Length - 6:00)

SPANISH VERSION (Length - 11:40)